Dear RIA,

Thank you for visiting this page on the blog website of is the blog website of We aim to make the best place for RIA and financial investors to transact. As the first step, we have implemented the listing of RIA and sales transaction of a fee based financial service. We believe that these are the baby steps needed to make Fee based financial advisory the standard when it comes to investing.

The idea of finvestor was struck early in 2013. A neighbour of mine, a retired defense officer was sold a ULIP policy by a sales agent. The premium was high and there was a clear product mismatch. The implications were serious. In all future family/freind meets and functions, the retired defense officer had only negative to say about financial investment products.

Unfortunately, there is a wide audience who do not know about fee based planning and services and also about RIAs. finvestor plans to let the customer know that spending money money upfront saves a lot in the future.

Please find attached a document that is prepared only for RIAs. Please feel free to call +91 7219446724 to ask about more details.

Thank you for your time and we believe and RIA can collaborate and create a positive disruption in the financial investment and advisory market

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