Deepavali Greetings From Suresh Parthasarathy, RIA

Message from SEBI RIA, Mr Suresh Parathasarathy, (Originally sent to all his clients and open for public!)

Dear friends:

This Deepavali, here are a couple of things you should do regarding your investments.

Last Deepavali, I suggested that those looking at a 3- to 5-year-horizon could enter the market because of the market delivered good return at that time.diwali-2015-image

In the past one year, the market has not delivered a good return. True. Still, a lot of things are happening at the broader level that you should look at. In the past six months, the inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has increased and many foreign investors are reporting greater ease of doing business in India. Commodity prices have fallen, especially of aluminium, copper, gold and crude. These have helped to improve the fiscal deficit.

Recently, the government imposed a 0.5 per cent service tax for the Swatch Bharat campaign. This will help to improve the cleanness drive and, in turn, will help indirect business opportunities and employment. Interest rates have started to drop and this will help to improve credit offtake, which has been bad in the past one year. All this augurs well for the economy and for the market.

Now, start investing for better return from 2017 and it will be definitely an inflation-beating return.

To become successful, you need to do one thing: Be Patient. Patience is ahead of other virtues, such as intelligence or knowledge, when it comes to making money in investment. And, in this holiday season, think of others. Give away at least one per cent of your earnings to charity. Some of you asked me last year whether it should be gross earnings or net earnings. My answer is: It is not gross or net, it is based on how big your heart is.

And here’s my commitment to those of you who want to set up a fund for charity: I will monitor these investments without fees and work to generate at least 10 per cent return on these funds. You can simply donate the interest alone.

Wish you and your family happy Deepavali!

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