What is a “Query” category?

Finvestor.in provides services under three categories – Query, Detailed and Comprehensive. Let’s understand what is a Query and what does the customer get when asking a question under a Query category.

When you have a question in mind regarding one particular investment category, and you have specifics to be answered that’s when you choose Query. Ie, you may have already good advice or doing well on your own in Equity and mutual funds or in your PPF, but you need to know how much insurance you would need – both health and life. In this case,  you have two options – one go online and get quotes from commission agents or pay Rs 699-/ (inclusive of taxes) and get advise on how much you need and which ones would be the best for you. We would recommend come out in Finvestor.in and check out our options!

So how what would your questions be? Let’s take an example.

  • In Equity & Mutual Funds you query ideally should appear as
    • I am Ramesh, working in an IT firm in Bangalore. I have Rs 3L in equity and Rs 1L in mutual funds. My portfolio is attached. In equity I have invested in over 20 companies and it is giving me a loss of Rs 50,000. I am a long term player. The Rs 1L in mutual fund is giving me return of profit Rs 10000. Please advise on how should I adjust my folio?
  • Remember, the RIA will contact you and ask for more details online via email/phone/video. So you don’t have to worry about including everything.
  • The answer in this case will involve the following steps with an RIA
    • The RIA will first determine your risk profile. – This would involve the RIA asking you several questions on how you can handle financial risks.
    • The profiling will include the salary range, the age of investor, dependents, family income etc to reach to a good conclusion on how much and where should the investment go.
    • Based on your profile, the advisor will suggest on changes in portfolio. This is important because, as you can see in the above example, someone has invested in 20 companies in equity and is in loss but the mutual funds he has invested is returning profit. This clearly indicates that the person has been blindly investing in equity (possibly as well as in mutual funds) and is unable to determine the stop loss and pick the right stocks for his risk profile.
    • Many people do not understand what long term and short term means and typically, when people lose money they say they are in for long term and unable to take the pain of the loss incurred. The above example is a clear case of someone who probably should stick to equity diversified funds, but is putting hard earned money into equity stocks which may not have fundamentals.
    • The report having disclosures and advises will be uploaded by the RIA on finvestor.in

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