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Mr Manjeet Singh Vohra, SEBI Registered Investment Advisor, has 40 years of experience in the financial services industry and runs a successful equity trading call and stock market training venture.

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Here are some of the financial advice that Mr Vohra has to share with our readers on technical trading and equity investment.

1. Losing in Stock Market

If you are a looser in the stock market trading, it may be for any of the following reasons

  1. You don’t have a strategy
  2. You are not applying the right strategy
  3. You have not chosen the right time frame for the strategy
  4. Your strategy may be good but your execution may not be perfect
  5. Your entry and exit system is not good
  6. You are not a disciplined trader
  7. You are an emotional but not a professional traderIn such a case, you need to consult an expert without any further delay and without incurring further losses.

2. Overcoming fear while trading in stock market

Fear comes from lack of Skills, Knowledge & Information.

If you are confident that you are taking the right step, in the right direction and you know the way to your destination, you don’t have FEAR in your mind, while stepping out of your house. But FEAR grips your mind when you are lacking in these three very important aspects. What happens with fear, you lose your confidence and take the wrong step in the wrong direction and end up in avoidable troubles.

Same is the situation for trading in stock markets. FEAR grips your mind if you don’t have

  1. Knowledge about stock market behavior.
  2. A perfect trading strategy.
  3. Skills to implement that strategy.


3. Inculcate the Seven Habits of Successful Traders in Stock Markets.

  1. They always remember their risk taking capacity
  2. They never trade with borrowed money
  3. They always ignore market rumors
  4. They learn and understand strategy they follow
  5. They always keep in front the norms underlying every strategy, they follow
  6. They believe in themselves and the strategy they follow
  7. They keep greed out of their minds when trading

4. Possess the Ten important steps to be a Successful Trader in Stock Markets

  1. Always believe in yourself
  2. Always have confidence in the strategies you follow
  3. Always learn, understand and master the strategies you follow
  4. Always keep in mind the norms underlying every strategy you follow
  5. Always keep in mind your risk taking capacity
  6. Always trade with your own funds and never trade with borrowed money
  7. Always ignore market rumors
  8. Always keep greed out of your minds when trading
  9. Always keep emotions away while taking trading decisions
  10. Always analyses a failed trade for reasons to be perfect in the next trade

Mr. Manjeet Singh Vohra, a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor can be contacted at Mr Vohra runs a very successful stock market training class -online and offline  – that can be purchased from

He can also be reached at or sms +919873407155. For more details

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